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RPN Calc

4.0 ( 3920 ratings )
Утилиты Производительность
Разработчик James Mattis
0.99 USD

A simple reverse polish notation calculator loosely based on my trusty HP-32SII that runs on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch!

If you are familiar with HP RPN calculators, the operation of this calculator should seem very straightforward - albeit simplified. It cant be programmed, and it doesnt handle binary, or hexadecimal numbers.

But, it has a clean, simple interface with large, easy to press buttons. It has all of the functions required for quick calculations when your iPhone is handier than your computer or calculator.

And, remember those cool calculator watches from the 1980s? Unfortunately, none of them were RPN. RPN Calc brings a reverse polish notation watch calculator to the Apple Watch!

In addition to the standard RPN Calculator app that runs on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, RPN Calc includes a handy micro RPN Calc Today Extension available for convenient access to quick calculations from the pull down Today screen.